What versions of Neo4j are supported on Aura?

I took a look at the site and googled a bit and haven't been able to find a list of the versions available when using the new cloud Aura service. Could someone who uses it provided a list?

Version 3.5 is all that the console reports at the moment.

I asked in the slack channel if there was a patch version number (e.g 3.5.3) but it doesn't seem like this is going to be made available, which probably isn't a big deal since you can't upload plugins anyway.

Hey @jmiller87!

Neo4j Aura uses version 3.5, with 4.0 coming in the new year. Is there a particular version you're looking for or reason for the ask?

@terryfranklin82 Aura handles patching for you, so you'll always be running the latest patch release.

Hope this helps

LG | Aura Product Manager

Hi @luke.gannon!

Do you know yet exactly when Aura will support Neo4j 4.0?

Adam Wangrat

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+1 for needing to know when 4.0 will be coming out!

A big headache right now is that you can't use the latest .NET driver to connect in to 3.5. Since you have to fallback to 1.7.2 (?) in order to connect into a 3.x server, you then can't take advantage of the routing in Aura. You have to explicitly connect to one of the servers...which changes day-to-day.

I'm not sure how one could reliably use Aura in a production setting with this conflict?

e.g. See Cannot Query: "Could not perform discovery. No routing servers available." · Issue #516 · neo4j/neo4j-javascript-driver · GitHub


I developed an app locally, signed up for Aura, and then tested the app connected with Aura. Got the error: "Unsupported URI scheme: bolt+routing".

So, what's the plan? I'm OK with paying for a few days of Aura service if version 4 will supported soon, but I won't wait indefinitely.

Hi Jim,

Aura supports using the neo4j:// URI scheme. For instance, this is my connection to my Aura instance using Neo4j Desktop:

Please update your connection to use that instead of bolt+routing:// and try again.


I can connect as suggested in Neo4j Desktop, but not my application. However, I now get a different error:

Neo4j.Driver.ServiceUnavailableException: Failed to connect to any routing server. Please make sure that the cluster is up and can be accessed by the driver and retry.

Note that the error source is Neo4j.Driver.Simple version 4.0.1 (the latest .NET driver).

Hi Jim,

We'll need some more information from you to help diagnose what's happening, information you probably shouldn't share in a public forum. Can you open a ticket at https://aura.support.neo4j.com and either I or one of my colleagues will pick it up for further analysis?

Among the items we'll need are:

  • The connect URI you're using in your driver.
  • Is your application running from the same machine you're running Desktop from?
  • Timestamps of any application errors, so that we can correlate them with log entries in Aura.


I just submitted the ticket. Thank you.

Because Aura requires secure connections you will need :

a) Obsolete - specify the encryption explicitly in the Driver and using neo4j scheme
_driver = GraphDatabase.Driver("neo4j://dbid.databases.neo4j.io",
AuthTokens.Basic("username", "password"),
builder => builder.WithEncryptionLevel(EncryptionLevel.Encrypted));

OR (best but requires drivers 4.x)

b) Use the scheme neo4j+s (secure by default) and make away with the extra argument
_driver = GraphDatabase.Driver("neo4j+s://dbid.databases.neo4j.io",
AuthTokens.Basic("username", "password"));

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I confirm that this addressed my issue. Thanks Pierre! Thanks Cory!

Hi @dev3

I haven't checked this thread in a little while.

You can use the latest dotnet drivers to connect to 3.5 just fine with 4.0.3 drivers or the 1.7.x series.

The issue you linked to was due to someone trying to connect to community edition with bolt+routing, which is not available. I would love to know what issues you were having problems with?

Neo4j 4 is on the horizon for Aura. I would love to know what features you're after from the 4 series.

If you would like to take this offline feel free to ping my name (at) neo4j (dot) com


There aren't any specific 4.0 features that I'm missing at the moment. The issue for me was just being able to connect to the Aura cluster and not an individual server. However, after finding out about the "neo4j+s://" scheme, this solved my issue.

So, all is well in my world with .NET 4.0 drivers and Aura -- just gotta use the neo4j+s scheme.

Also kudos to the documentation team. It looks like the docs lay this out superbly now at Neo4j documentation - Neo4j Documentation

I understand that Aura is now using 4. But what about 4.1? Can't Aura as part of its service regularly upgrade to the latest version? I would think that it should be possible to migrate the current databases.


Aura is kept up to date automatically and will always have the most recent version of Neo4j available. While only the major version (4) is displayed, behind the scenes the latest minor version is actually 4.2. So you're really getting an even newer, more recent version of the software than you would by downloading the enterprise version.


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