Apoc.algo.betweenness procedure not found: call apoc.help('algo') running

Hi, apoc.algo. betweenness procedure not found for me, ran following query similar to shown here on github :

MATCH (o:Originator),(b:Beneficiary)
WITH collect(o) AS origs
CALL apoc.algo.betweenness(['LINKED_TO_ORIGINATOR'], origs, 'INCOMING') YIELD node, score
//Measuring shortest path between customers connected to each originator
SET node.betweenness = score
RETURN node AS originator,score ORDER BY score DESC LIMIT 25

However, I get an error that the procedure is not found:

I ensured my conf file is well configured using stack overflow answer 1 and 2

Proof that call apoc.help('algo') is working.

Is the method apoc.algo.betweenness procedure removed?

Alternately, I tried using apoc.betweenness but not sure how to set the relationship type as 'Incoming' and the node name (which of course is another question if this doesn't work). Thanks in advance!

While some of the algo procedures were first created in the APOC library, we have since moved them into their own Algo library, and improved their utility and efficiency. Try installing the Algo library and using its betweenness procedure.