Analytics Use Cases and a Scholar to present the Research Paper

I conduct training sessions on Neo4j. For my sessions, I wish to include more of Data Analytics Use Cases. I have included few Recommender systems but wish to include more use cases in different spectrum. Request you to help me with the same or connect me to the right practitioner.

I also have a request, can you suggest scholars who can come to India and present their research paper in one of the Data Science Congress.

Your requests are quite involved.

Can you explain more about your training and the conference including links and content.
Did you check the existing use-cases and white papers on for these?

Data Analytics is an extremely wide field so you need to be more specific. What have you found so far in your search?


From Data Analytics perspective, I understand we can do all kind of analysis as we do using SQL and on transactional data. Wished to know whether we can implement ML in Neo4j. If yes, then wish to see those use cases.

As for the conference, pl check the link