Alexey Kuznetsov - Statistical Programmer at a Pharmaceutical Company

(Mralexeykuznetsov) #1

Hi All!

I am a Statistical Programmer at Grunenthal, a pharmaceutical company in the west of Germany (Aachen). I program in SAS and Python. At the moment I am working on a project dealing with integration of data collected in clinical trials for exploratory purposes, where we might use Neo4j for visualization, pattern detection, knowlenge graph. I am also very interested how Neo4j develops further machine learning capabilities.

Thanks to Neo4j and community for continiuos support and development of great tools such as apoc, graph algorithms, embeddings! I am very excited with the functionality Neo4j can offer and great variety of use cases!


(Michael Hunger) #2

Welcome Alexey,

you should defintely grab a beer or other drink with @michael.simons

Clinical trials sound like a great use-case, make sure to talk to

Happy for providing all the cool tools, hope you're having a lot of fun and success with Neo4j.

(Michael Simons) #3

Welcome, Alexey!

Actually, I live in Brand, very nearby to Grunenthal,
ff you fancy a coffee sometime in Aachen and chat about Neo4j, just ping me!

Have a good day,

(Mralexeykuznetsov) #4

Thanks for the offering! Should definitely meet! Will reach out to you after my vacation (in 3,4 weeks).