Anuja - Neo4j Rookie!

(Anuja A Jadhav) #1


I am a data analyst who dreams about an utopic-world where every bit of data is connected to every other bit of data and I am sliding on these silky fabrics of connectors. A fairy godmother told me Neo4j can do this for me so now I am trying to dissect the magic.

At work, when I am not analyzing data, I am begging people to add more relevant data, fiercely defending my analysis and looking for better tools.

That's all folks!

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(Tom) #2

Welcome to the forum Anuja !

(Mau Lopez) #3

Hello Anuja, wellcome! Glad you joined the forum, I loved your intro : D

(Jeff) #4

Hi Anuja - Great intro. We built our product (PepperSlice) just for people that are fiercely defending their analyses and looking for better tools. Added bonus - it's based on Neo4j! Let me know what you think and feel free to ask any questions.

Warmest regards,


(Scott Akenhead) #5

Hey Jeff! Followed your link.
"Julienne searched the PepperSlice Knowledge Graph for relevant insights. "
Aha! Keenly interested in (data)-[tools]->(decisions) work flow in a neo4j environment as part of
International Salmon Data Laboratory. This project is to develop "irresistible examples" -- starting with salmon problems, but of course widely applicable. Focus -> Excellence -> Adoption.
Obviously you have an important chunk of the basic problem: "evolving best appropriate practices."

(Jeff) #6

Hey Scott - Thanks for the shout out. Sign up for a free PepperSlice account (pepperslice . com) and contact me so that we can discuss how PepperSlice can best help International Salmon Data Laboratory.



(Ryan Boyd) #7

Welcome! Hope the fairy godmother gets more of you over to Neo4j! We love your vision for a utopic world! :-)