Working on the same graph?

I have a Neo4j graph on my computer and I would like to share it with a colleague so that she can also edit and execute queries on the same graph. I mean we have to work on the same graph, so if my colleague does a change I can see it and viceversa. Is it possibile to do such a thing?

We could exchange the graph.db file, but I don't think it is the right way to do that.

Thank you!

The way you can export the named graph is listed in below link
You will need GDS library to be installed for that purpose.

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Is not possible allowing multiple users to work on the same graph from different computers? For example in order to each user can check all the queries other users have done.

Since you have desktop version which is hosted locally in your laptop, its not possible to collaborate with others, So in this case there is multiple option
1: use Neo4j Aura cloud service, pay as you go. It can be remotely added into your desktop app.
2: Create a Virtual machine over cloud like AWS, Azure or GCP and then run Neo4j server as docker container or standalone server and then connect it remotely to your neo4j desktop app.

Either 1 or 2, you can collaborate and access real time graph.

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Thank you!
But is possible to copy a graph from one machine to another machine? I read that I have just to copy the content of graph.db folder, but in a MacOs machine I am not able to find that.

Yes thats very well possible. If you are using Neo4J desktop click on the ... and select Manage

From there click op Open Folder and a Finder window will open with the correct instance.
You can find the current database via data > databases > graph.db (assuming you did not rename it)

Assuming you and your college are in the same network it would also be possible to let your Neo4J instance listen to your real network interface instead of localhost.

By doing that your college could go to http://your.ip:7474/ to visit the instance running on your computer. See your settings and specifically this line and the comments: