Different users working on the same 'master' Graph Database in Neo4j Desktop

Hi everyone,

At our company we want to work on a Neo4j project together.
We have our own remote Windows server where we can install Neo4j Desktop.
To make this work, we were thinking of following these steps:

  1. Administrator installs Neo4j Desktop - so that if everyone logs in on the server by his own user, they have Neo4j Desktop available
  2. A first user starts up Neo4j Desktop and create the new project and creates the Graph Database

If now, someone else wants to work on the same project as well, we were thinking that it would work if that second user logs in on the server, starts up Neo4j and boom, they also see the new project available in Neo4j Desktop.

However, when a second user starts up Neo4j, they don't see this previously defined project and it seems that they can not access the same Graph Database to also work on the project.

Extra context: we don't want to work on it simultaneously - we just want to have access to the same Graph Database (a 'master graph database') where we can all work on, instead of everyone creating its own local (but similar graph database).

My question to the community: is this the right way to work on a 'master' graph database together?
Is there another, more preferred way (for example: do we need to install Neo4j all individually instead of an administrator, do we need to change something in the config files,...)?


Hey Anthony, welcome to the community! There are a number of ways to go about what you're after. Are you planning on the using just the Neo4j desktop? Or do you plan on building any kind of web interface? If you're just using the desktop and you have the enterprise edition, you can do a lot with the built in access controls: https://neo4j.com/docs/operations-manual/current/authentication-authorization/subgraph-access-control/

As far as working on a master graph together, I don't think there's anything wrong with it as long as you have your access controls set correctly. I hope that helps.