Wilson Cheung - Data Science Consultant in Washington DC

Hello all,

After attending many great sessions in NODES 2019, I'd like to join the community to further explore my interests in network science through Neo4j and to meet many similarly minded folks in the community. The sessions that I have attended were all great in providing myself a brief introduction to programming in Cypher and using Neo4j, understanding how to extract and transform informative features from networks to graph embeddings, and integrating efficient path finding algorithms to study spatial relationships in graphs. Because of its collaborative nature, I am really excited to be a part of a growing community that thrives on understanding how one can utilize networks to improve insights and understanding a wide variety of problems we face today. Thank you for a great conference!

I have studied pure mathematics (primarily number theory and discrete mathematics) during my undergraduate years and currently pursuing my part time masters in analytics (curriculum focused on the intersection of business, computer science, and statistics) at Georgia Tech while working full time as a data science consultant for my government client interested in utilizing existing technologies to better manage the data present in the organization. Prior to joining the consulting industry about half a year ago, I have a few years of research, a year of educational experience, and 1.5 years of software development experience in the finance industry.

I grew up loving mathematics because it was really exciting for me to explore how this fascinating language can potentially explain why many things happen around us. I was the little boy that continually asked "why?" to questions that were so big for my little mind at the time. Studying from structures that best mimics reality aligns closely to my first reason why I find so much interest in mathematics. I would like to continue exploring the network science path with a "whiteboard-friendly" technology and a community that cherishes collective understanding and passion. I look forward to meeting you all and thank you all for a warm welcome! :slight_smile:

Hi Wilson!
Did you see any of the lightning talks today? You may have caught @mckenzma present? (he has two talks!) . He lives in the DC area as well and runs the local GraphDB DC meetup! :smiley:

Hello Karin,

Thanks for replying and great to meet you too! :slight_smile:

I actually didn't get a chance to tune into his talks. Do you know when the archived recordings of NODES will be made available to us?