Why neo4 browser always show all the relations of the triplet, even if relation props don't match?

I know its a "stupid question", but when I match a relation like [:DIRECTED] why I always see the other relations that nodes have

seems strange but I have for ex 2 nodes with a lots of relations, and I need to filter the relation by its id, or other property like amount, and when I MATCH it I always see all of the relations that both nodes have, and its a bit annoying
in bellow image how do I know what is the relation that have the MATCH id?
what I really want here is just see 2 nodes and one relation, and that is what the query MATCH

I can see that in table mode I only see the triplet (a)-[r]->(b) with only one relation

the question is how I can MATCH one relation only, and prevent see the others that I really don't care about

I know there is a easy way to do that, but I don't know how



uncheck Connect result nodes do the magic, great :)

Hi Mario,
I had the same problem.
I have thought about the problem for a long time and I understand that relationships are a layer above the nodes, so when you show them, you recall all the relationships between the visible nodes..