White margins on the bottom and right of Neo4j Browser

On the Neo4j browser there are large white margins of dead space on both the bottom and right side.
If you adjust the browser window the margin size changes proportionally.
The proportion seems to be about 10% equally on the bottom and right.
This is completely dead space, so it is both inefficient and unattractive.
Because it cannot serve any purpose, it must be a bug.
Please fix this bug.

There are occasionally visual issues we're attempting to work out. Can you try using View > Actual Size from the menu bar?

Selecting "Actual Size" changes the size of contents inside the frame, but does not effect the margin.
I've included a screenshot showing the white margin on the bottom and right side.

It has been like this since I first downloaded/installed Neo4j a month ago.

What helped me was to drag the window size to minimal size and
a combination of shift-reload + ctrl-0 for actual size.

It's an electron bug which we're still trying to track down.

Wow, yeah, that actually worked. Thanks!