What happens when enterprise edition 4.3.1 30 days trial version expires?

I am new to neo4j and am evaluating the enterprise edition on my dataset.

I have installed enterprise edition 4.3.1 30 days trial version. however, I cannot find any information on expiration date when I use Neo4j Browser and Neo4j Desktop.
I was wondering what happens when 30 days finishes?

  • does it lock my data? or something else happens(such as disabling parallel running of queries or it disables connections from python or Neo4j Desktop or ...)?
    -where can I find about expiration date?

Thank you.

see Neo4j Licensing Overview and specifically the section

Neo4j Enterprise Edition

Neo4j Enterprise is designed for commercial deployments where scale and availability are important. To use Neo4j Enterprise, select the licensing option that best matches your needs:

but no post 30 days nothing happens to your data. However if you are using Neo4j Enterprise by closed-source software applications requires a commercial license, offered under a subscription agreement.

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Related to the Desktop version of Neo4j Enterprise, it will just offer you another prompt when 30 days is over, and then sleep for another 30 days, and so on, you can repeat it indefinitely if you don't want to register. No data locking or any bad neighborly practices like that either.

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Thank you @dana.canzano and @andrew.bowman for your prompt reply.