Web server starts, but can't connect via browser or desktop

I've been using a database for the last 4 months, in browser, desktop and via graphql however the server was rebooted today and now I can't reconnect.

It is v4.3.3

The processes all appear to complete after running sudo service neo4j start:

Ports are open:

Desktop unable to connect via bolt port 7687:

Running the following command returned values showing the correct number of nodes and indexes I have in the database:
neo4j-admin check-consistency --verbose --database=neo4j

Would anyone have any ideas at all? Many thanks!

It only seems to listen on localhost? Is that what you want to do?

Usually you have to make it listen on the public interface: in neo4j.conf under listen.address

Hey Michael, thank you very much for replying.

The dbms.default_listen_address= command was commented out in /etc/neo4j/neo4j.conf

I have now uncommented and restarted and can now access via desktop app and graphql.

How could the conf file have reverted if I did not make any changes other than that the machine was rebooted? Or could it have ever have been accessed while that was commented out, surely not possible? My developer has built code in node.js to interact with graphql and neo4j, could that offer a way to interact with the database even with it commented out and I've not restarted the node code perhaps?

Thank you very much for the help!