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This does not to Neo4J exclusively, but I was wondering if and how companies' views on remote work is changing in these times we're in right now.

While the stay-at-home orders are in effect, companies everywhere are very supportive of work-from-home. All things considered, many employers are doing whatever they can to stay productive. As things begin to return to normal, I doubt a sentiment in favor of work-from-home will persist.

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Hi Emily,

I lost my job on the 31st May, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the only consolation for me is the competencies that I garnered on neo4j in the past one year.

My major achievements working on neo4j include:

  1. Built the first functional graph database model for the company.
  2. Developed graph-based techniques for financial fraud prevention, effective marketing campaigns and customer recruitment.

My experience with neo4j is priceless and I really desire to do more in this domain. I am therefore seeking related job opportunities. I have also sent you an email (idrismunir@gmail.com) with a copy of my resume.

Hi Munir,

So sorry to hear that you have lost your job due to Covid-19. I have emailed you privately.

Thanks for your interest in Neo4j careers!


Thank you Emily. I have received your response.