WANT: Project/Database(?) Name in Browser window title

I'm on a Mac (OS 10.15.7)

It would be nice to show the name of the current Project/Name(?) being used in the title of the browser window. (Actually, I'm not sure what the name I want is...)

Currently it shows "neo4j@bolt://..../DBNAME - Neo4J Browser"

where DBNAME is typically something like neo4j. (It changes with the :use DBNAME command, which is nice).

What I find myself doing, is cloning a Project/Database(?) and then experimenting with the project(?). I want to be able to see the name of the Project/Database(?) in the Browser window title prevent accidents. (I know I can go to the Desktop window to see which Project/Database(?) is active.)

BTW, I think the Desktop Project page is a bit confusing.

It shows



Then series of boxes. I'm not clear if the titles of the Boxes is a Project name or a Database name or something else. I don't think it's a Database, because of the command :use DBNAME. But I don't think it's a Project either, so I am confused....

I do see that the box with a PLUS sign in it says, "Add Database" so I guess it is a Database. but the initial cell in the Browser that comes up says "Use the @:dbs to list all available databases."

But I'd like to get the name of whatever I've cloned (which has the default name of DBMS. (I asked in a different thread that the default name should be the original name with a date-time suffix.)

I hope that makes sense.

Hi @clem, nice to be if you attach screenshot for your problem to better understand what do you mean like "I think the Desktop Project page is a bit confusing.

I should have posted a picture.

According to the Desktop

  • My active DB is "poc 2020-12-16" which is a clone of "poc"
  • My Project is Project

Accord to the Browser:

  • One of my available Databases is "poc".
  • My current DB is "poc" (which I made the default from the standard "neo4j" DB with the setting: dbms.default_database=poc)
  • The Title of the Browser window is "neo4j@bolt://localhost:7687/poc - Neo4J browser". If I run the command :use neo4j, the title changes to "neo4j@bolt://localhost:7687/neo4j - Neo4J browser"

The browser Window title doesn't show "poc 2020-12-16" anywhere.

It seems that there are two different active things called "Databases" and they have distinct names (which is what's confusing me.)

  • "poc 2020-12-16"
  • "poc"