An Error with Desktop

I created a new projejct and under which also created a database. Started the database and can saw it was active.
The problem is that I could not see the new database when open neo4j with browser.
Tried several times but still have the same issue.
Anybody could please tell me what to do to fix the problem?

By the way, what I can see is still the default database liek neo4j-default and system

The name you used when you created database, that's just an instance name under a Project. Under this, the default working database is 'neo4j'. If you want you can use 'neo4j' database or create new working database using system database and start importing your data.

On the left pane, click on the database icon and that shows at the top a drop down list of databases. Initially you will see 'neo4j' and system databases.

See the neo4j in grey color and a flashing cursor on the right pane.

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In the Neo4J browser, type:
and you will get a list of DBs which looks something like:

:use neo4j
:use system

Pick the DB name that you created (or if you used the default one neo4j, then use that one.)

You certainly want to stay way from the system DB unless you know what you are doing!

Thanks for your reply. And the screen copy you showed me is what I saw on my browser.

The problem is I could not find the db name I created.

I confirmed the default neo4j-default is exactly what I created. Just not the name I created in desktop.