Voting on Cypher Improvement Proposals

The openCypher Implementers Group is using the mailing list for decisions from now on.
The process is described in a recent email:!topic/opencypher/SCSRlplb_zc
and in greater detail in a slide deck referenced from that email:

First out using this new process is CIP2018-10-29 - EXISTS and IS NOT NULL (Pull Request #334) by Neo4j: Redirecting to Google Groups
The gist of this CIP is to deprecate (and remove) the use of EXISTS as a predicate function (with semantics equivalent to IS NOT NULL), and use EXISTS only for existential subqueries.

If you are interested in getting involved, sign up to the openCypher mailing list: Redirecting to Google Groups
and comment/vote on the CIP, or provide feedback on the process.

Tobias Lindaaker
Representing the openCypher Implementers Group and Neo4j

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