Using the graph algorithms in a user-defined procedure with junit

Hello everyone,

I'm currently working on implementing an algorithm as stored procedure for my master thesis. I can't tell you the algorithm since it's an internal project but that's not the point of the question.

I'm following the tutorial at User-defined procedures - Java Reference where i write my procedure and test it with a junit while packaging into a jar.

I'm at a point where in my procedure I need to call already existent graph algorithm (personalized page rank in this case but k-spanning tree is following in the future).
My problem here is that doing CALL algo.pagerank(...) will fail in the junit since the graph algorithm library isn't imported in the neo4j instance that the junit is creating.

Is there a way to launch the neo4j instance with the graph algorithm already imported? My (ugly) workaround would be ignoring the junit and just packaging my procedure and testing it directly on my neo4j desktop.

I hope that I explained everything clearly. If i'm missing details just ask about them. This is my first time posting in the community and I apologize if I did something wrong.
Have a nice sunday :slight_smile:

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