How to resolve the problem of neo4j graph algorithm in my case?

Hi ,
Can anyone help me to solve this problem? I want to use the algorithm of pagerank in neo4j i installed the file neo4j graph algorithm in plugins and i added unrestricted=algo.* in neo4j.config but when i try to execute call algo.list() it doesn't work and this message is shown "there is no procedure with the name algo.list registred for this database instance"

The version of neo4j is 3.5.14

Make sure you're looking at the correct documentation. I've run into an issue before where I've used a graph algo and it was from a different library than the supported plugin and ran into exactly the same error. I know that's vague but there are two sets of graph algo docs on the site the plugin for desktop and then then the graph algo book version.

you mean that's a problem of version ?

Please update to the Graph Data Science Library (same algorithms, improved implementations, new features, and easier surface). Installation instructions are here:

thanks a lot for your help