Using periodic commit for load CSV gives open transaction error

I am trying to load a CSV on version 3.5.14 Enterprise. Here is my query.

LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM 'file:///phuse_dx.csv' AS row
WITH row
WHERE row.`ns_phuse_dx.diag_cde` IS NOT NULL
MERGE (dx:Diagnosis {diagnosisCode: row.`ns_phuse_dx.diag_cde`})

I receive this error.

Executing queries that use periodic commit in an open transaction is not possible.

If I cut down my CSV and remove USING PERIODIC COMMIT, the statement works. If I use the full CSV and remove USING PERIODIC COMMIT, I get an out of memory error.

apoc.load.csv() is probably what you're after. I don't fully understand the internals, or if it's possible to initiate such a transaction with cypher, but USING PERIOD COMMIT only works with auto-commit transactions -

Looks like there is a bug in the new "Neo4J Desktop Canary" Neo4J browser app.

Can you use regular browser and connect to the DB and execute the same command?


Hi Ravi,

The same command which was failing in the desktop app worked for me in the web-based browser. Do you know if the issue has already been reported?

Thank you,

Can you please list out the Neo4J desktop app version and the browser version?

It looks like it does not happen in the latest Neo4J desktop browser.


Hi Ravi,

I was using Desktop version 1.2.3, Browser 4.0.3, and database 3.5.14 Enterprise. I updated to Desktop 1.2.4, but it doesn't seem to have solved the problem. My query works in the web-based browser, but not desktop.


Hi Nathan,
It seems you are correct. I tried in the 4.0.3 browser and it does indeed fail. Looks like there is a bug in that browser version.

I ran into this error in Neo4j Desktop. Switching to the web-based browser fixed it for my localhost instance of Neo4j. However, the Neo4j Aura instance fails with the error.

I'm also experiencing this using docker image tagged neo4j:4.0.4
Without using periodic commit, I ran out of memory.

Same here. If I use "USING PERIODIC COMMIT 1000" along with my query on the app browser, it tells me there's an open transaction error.

However, if I run the exact same query on the web browser (firefox in my case), it works wonders.

For what it's worth. Nice find Ravi @anthapu!

Hi, I'm a beginner and I'm not sure I understand the question. Following cypher query works in the desktop version 4.0.3. It doesn't work without ":auto" at the beginning of the query.

LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM 'file:///importUs5KAddresses.csv' as p
CREATE( n { ...})



That's because in Neo4J desktop uses the explicit transaction handler and that causes conflict with the "periodic commit" statement.

By specifying ":auto" you are telling Neo4J desktop to use auto commit option rather than explicit transaction handler.

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