Using Imported OSM data

So, I ran through the OSM import process as on GitHub and generated the sample database via the

java -Xms1280m -Xmx1280m \
  -cp "target/osm-0.2.2-neo4j-3.5.1.jar:target/dependency/*" org.neo4j.gis.osm.OSMImportTool \
  --skip-duplicate-nodes --delete --into target/databases/map2 samples/map2.osm.bz2

As specified.

Now, how do I actually see and use the data in target/databases/map2? I'm running Neo4j Desktop on Windows 10. Are there instructions somewhere. Thanks

I'll answer this one...just copy or target the output folder from the tool to the database folder in the appropriate mine C:.Neo4jDesktop\neo4jDatabases\database-400d1099-1158-42c9-b9af-5fff076757ef\installation-3.5.3\data\databases\graph.db. I made the mistake of choosing the wrong 'database' folder to export to and wiped out a bit of work. Looking good now. Cheers.

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I do not have a 'graph.db' in my databases folder. I have neo4j and system folder. I am unable to access the imported OSM data in the graph. Could you tell me how I may do that? And also if someone could share the file structure of the imported data, that would be great!

In Neo4j 3.x the database was by default in the graph.db folder while in Neo4j 4.0 the default database is called 'neo4j' and is in a folder by that name. Also the transactions logs were moved to a different folder. I will update the README in the 'osm' project for the 3.x and 4.0 versions of that project to explain the changes in how you should use the import tool to get it to work.