Using Driver and OGM with datetimes


I'm using the java driver version 1.7.3, and the OGM 3.1.7 with the bolt driver. I've ended up using the java driver to import data, as doing it through the OGM was proving to be too slow (and ran out of memory for the larger data saves). I kept using the OGM to pull data out, as this seemed a simple way to get my model objects back; but if anyone thinks this is likely to cause issues as I progress please let me know.

The issue I've hit currently is around storing dates; from what I've been reading it looks like the Neo4j server has a datetime data type (DateTime I think is the one I want), and it looks like the Java driver will support adding properties which are a java.time.ZonedDateTime. Looking at the OGM docs it seems it will take an java.time.Instant, but it puts this in to the database as a string (correct?), so wont work with the data input via the java driver?

I also get the impression that the next version of the OGM will deal with temporal types in a fuller/better way, is that right?

So I guess ultimately my question is, do I just not use OGM, and stick with the Java driver, and code in converting back to objects; or, do I try out the 3.2 version of the OGM, and see if that handles the date times better (and if the latter do you know the rough schedule for its move to a final version?)

Thanks for any help or advice you can provide,