Upgrade to neo4j-admin from neo4j-import

I'm using neo4j-import to load nodes and relations from many dozens of csv files for each. I've tried replacing this with neo4j-admin but it does not recognize the command parameters. I've searched for a conversion guild or even a man page for neo4j-admin but come up empty. Help me make this change so I can be part of the future.

These are the commands I am using in a bash script. The first two lines creates -nodes and -relationship parameters for each of the csv files. The third line is where I invoke neo4j-import. That is where I want to make the improvement.

NODES=`for i in csv/nodes-*.csv; do echo -nodes $i; done`
RELS=`for i in csv/rels-*.csv; do echo -relationships $i; done`
neo4j-import --into new.graphdb --multiline-fields=true $NODES $RELS

I'm building in docker starting FROM neo4j:3.5.3

Thank you