Updating Neo4j Power BI connector


I am trying to update the cskardon/Neo4jDataConnectorForPowerBi in the list of connectors to obatain data from PowerBI. I have erased the archive in the correspondent directory, copy the new one there but PowerBI continues to show the previous version form. Anyone that was able to solve it previously?



I'm not 100% sure what you're trying to do - but I think it's that you're seeing an older version of the connector, and you want the snazzy new version with a larger Cypher entry box.

Power BI is a tricky beast to find the custom connectors location - if you can I would search your disk for neo4j.mez which is the connector file, and that will show you where it is.

Normally, it's something like C:\<User>\Documents\Power BI\Custom Connectors - but if your User folder is elsewhere, it's entirely possible that this is in a different place. I would delete any .mez file you find, restart Power BI, and check that 'get data' doesn't show neo4j as an option.

Then copy a newly downloaded version back into the place you deleted it from.

I personally had a point where I had 3 copies of the .mez file on my disk and was replacing the wrong one for ages :confused:

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Thanks Chris:

Sometimes you don't think on the simplest solution :slight_smile: ...As you said, the file is located in C:<User>\Documents\Power BI\Custom Connectors, BUT, if you install you OS in spanish it will be at C:<User>*DocumentOs*\Power BI\Custom Connectors.


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First off, thanks for this post. I was tasked to see if on can connect Neo with PBI. Glad this works!

Adding here my use case in case they trouble you too. I have machines setup by my company with a lot of "normal setup stuff" missing. Good news, that won't matter. BUT, if you're looking for "familiar" locations/directories/etc., as in my case, you won't find them. And don't waste time trying to stick the 'mez' file where you find that :slight_smile: So...

Re the directory: just create it (on a windows machine) under the "Documents" folder your machine says is that (on a cloud config, e.g., this can be diff than a local install...doesn't matter. Just use whatever your Documents folder as the "root". From that Documents root, add "Power BI Desktop/Custom Connectors". Seems this is hard-wired into PBI as a search path given all other refs to PBI are in a very distinct local.

In the data setup (in PBI), make sure you check the port against what's in your config. The error messages are not useful from PBI. But, a "http", "localhost" and <your port for http which is in your config file - do NOT use the one for BOLT> and you're in.

Finally, in PBI, you'll see "records" and not your specific data/attributes. That's normal and you'll need to transform those. So click "Transform Data" to get that started. At the top of each column, you'll see a button/icon with arrows pointing in opposite directions. Click, process and "Close & Apply".

So thanks again for getting me started and hope this helps others. Happy hunting!


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