Unable to connect to neo4j server on my aws ec2 instance

Hello neo4j community,
I am facing problem in connecting neo4j server on my AWS ec2 instance,

instance was created successfully . But getting error like below while running instances .



tried by changing security group rule to HTTP 7473 and 7474 in inbound and outbound traffic

Hi I'm also working with neo4j on EC2.
I also had connection error recently.
my problem was being unable to access neo4j server on EC2 via my neo4j desktop brower.

What i did was

  1. modifying neo4j.conf file (in case of ubuntu, it is in /etc/neo4j folder)
    • only bolt and http enable, not https
  2. AWS EC2 firewall setting
    • add your ip to white list

i'm not sure your problem is similar to mine. I hope this might help.