Unable to access the values of objects

I am using the neovis library to run the cypher query on the browser using javascript browser. I visualisation of is visible on the browser. But the problem is I need to show the labels of nodes and relationship at the side of the visualisation and so I need to the object returned from the NeoVis. I tried to access the values from nodes data but it was not possible. It gives undefined as an output. As an alternative I made changes in the neovis.js it was also unsuccessful . I declared an array and stored the values in the array but unable to access that too.It says the values are generated dynamically. Please help me to solve the problem.

Thank You


What the hell is neo4j going on??? It's been a year, I still got into this trouble. Waste my time.

Improving community visualisation options is something that is on my list personally. Unfortunately, visualisation is a complex topic to cater for all on and has taken a back seat to other efforts which have hopefully made learning Neo4j easier for you.

If you have any specific examples that aren't working, I'm happy to take a look at them. Or alternatively, if you can debug the issue that you are having by yourself then I'd be happy to merge a pull request.

Neovis, like many of the visualisation libraries, is an open source library. So if in the meantime you develop something that you think would benefit the wider community and other users like yourself then I would very much appreciate the contribution.