Tom Zeppenfeldt from Graphileon - Your App is a Graph

(Tomzeppenfeldt) #1

I am part of the Graphileon team, helping business consultants and information analysts to rapidly design and deploy graph-based applications by exploiting the agility of graphs.

In its essence, Graphileon is a platform to build applications that are, as we call it, graphy .
This means that applications are built using graphs.

For more information, go to Graphileon - Your App is a Graph or the Graphileon website.

(Michael Hunger) #2

Welcome Tom,

best if you split your personal intro, from the Graphileon description which you can post in #projects-collaboration
and then link to it from your intro.

(Andreas Kollegger) #3

Welcome Tom!

You and your team are doing inspired work with Graphileon. Glad to have you here.


(Yann Guihaume) #4

Graphileon applications are graphs!
That's what I was looking for years!
Thanks Tom for the great job!