Graphileon - Your App is a Graph

Graphileon is a platform to build applications that are, as we call it, graphy .
This means that applications are built using graphs :



Functions are the building blocks of any Graphileon application. We have functions that render user interface elements, like tables, maps and charts, and functions that do not, like queries, input-output functions, ajax functions. Functions are linked by triggers, to create meaningful interactions. Some examples:

  • Displaying the results of a query in grid:

(:Query)-[:TRIGGER {type:'success'}]->(:Grid)

  • Running a query, converting the results into a graph and displaying the graph as a network:

(:Query {process:true})-[:TRIGGER {type:'success'}]->(:Network)

  • Click on a row in a grid, use the row data as a parameter in a query, and display its result in a chart:

(:Grid)-[:TRIGGER {type:'rowClick'}]->(:Query)-[:TRIGGER {type:'success'}]->(:Chart)

  • Select an item in a chart, use the data of the selected item as a parameter for a query and display its results in a map:

(:Chart)-[:TRIGGER {type:'select'}]->(:Query)-[:TRIGGER {type:'success'}]->(:Map)

  • Fire an ajax request at certain intervals and display the response in a grid:

(:Timer)-[:TRIGGER {type:'end'}]->(:Ajax)-[:TRIGGER {type:'success'}]->:Grid)

As you can see : Graphileon applications are graphs! Functions and triggers are stored in a graph database.


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