🤓 Summer of Nodes - FAQ

Collected FAQ for Summer of Nodes

How do I get ready?
A great question! Here are some helpful tips on how to hit the ground running:
I am new to Neo4j
Welcome! You’re going to have lots of fun! The challenges are a gentle, enjoyable way to introduce you to Neo4j and graphs without prior knowledge. However, if you want to get a head start (no harm in that :wink: ) you can:

I’ve got some Neo4j experience under my belt
Welcome, too! These challenges will probably be testing your Cypher prowess, as well as using some of the available plugins and other resources. It might be a good idea to be comfortable looking up various documentation. While you don’t have to do any specific preparation before we get started, perhaps consider doing the Neo4j Certification, if you’ve not already done so!

For all participants In general:
You are already at the right place for your questions on Summer of Nodes and if you need any advice for the upcoming challenges over the next weeks. Just start a new topic and post your question in this forum.

Where is it all going to happen?
We will stream live on Twitch and Youtube. You can follow us on there.

You can read up about prizes in this forum post

Challenge - Week One
You can find all the info about the first challenges in our blog!

Challenge - Week Two
You can find all the info about the first challenges in our blog!

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