About the Summer of Nodes category

Summer of Nodes will be starting on August 3. This category will be for any questions specific to the weekly challenges.

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Thinking about how to pass your time this summer? Do you have the urge to learn or want to tackle a new challenge? Never fear – Summer of Nodes is here!

Starting on 3 August, 2020, we'll be running a four-week themed event for you all to tantalise those thought processes. We'll be hosting regular live streams, as well as technical blog posts on various topics around graphs. With something for beginners and experienced alike, you will not want to miss out!

What can I expect?

The challenges, released weekly over four weeks, will be based on:

  • The barbecue - planning for a socially distancing event
  • The online day out - deciding which virtual museums and galleries to visit
  • The whodunit - solving a murder mystery
  • Exploring the local area - discovering your neighbourhood

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Post any questions in this thread :slight_smile: