Suggestion for a newbie on modelling a bibliographic database

Dear friends,
I am (very) slowly learning Neo4J and Cypher and as usual strive to do so with a real life idea of a projects guiding me.

Right now I am scratching my (bald) head on a modelling problem.

I am extracting data from the PubMed bibliographic database.

For every published article there can be one or more authors.

Each author as an "affiliation" at the time of that publication.

The affiliation string is something like "Department so and so, Hospital so and so, City, Country." (any field can be missing).

So in my head I need:

Author node (with attributes such as name etc.)
... relations between these two are "worked here" and "employed"
Affiliation node (with Dept, Institution, City and Country as attribs)
... relations between these two are "gives" and "given"
Email node
... relations between Author and Email are "has" and "belongs to"

Of course an author throughout her career could have changed affiliations otherwise life would be so much simpler :) :smile:

Does this make sense at all?

Thank you for any correction/suggestions.