Staring from pandaria of Warcraft:)

Hi everyone!
--My name is Wentao, from pandaria of Warcraft world :grinning:. I'm very glad to join the community to learn and share something. I work in capital of pandaria, and my team is trying hard to something in Knowledge graph product and project in transportation and medical area.
-- I found neo4j is an open minded sir/madam, it has friendly interface and community, and we want to use it to create valuable and interesting work.
-- I am a new for neo/KG/algorithm and others, but we are happy to cooperate and help each other.
--Ok ,let's fight and play in the 'MATRIX' space with neo and his friends. :sunglasses:
-- Thanks.

Welcome Wentao! It'll be interesting to see what connects you'll make with Neo4j from the mystical land of Pandaria.