Spatial Support Neo4j Browser

(Michael McKenzie) #1

I would love to see spatial support in the Neo4j browser to control how nodes are displayed. As the growth of spatial data continues, this will be highly beneficial when querying and understanding the data.

(Stefan Armbruster) #2

so that the location on the screen is determined by a geo location property of the given node?

(Michael McKenzie) #3

Yes. That is what I am thinking. This might also be helpful by allowing people to give geo properties to nodes so queries always show up in the "same layout" to see how queries changes.

(Stefan Armbruster) #4

I'll pass that suggestion back to product management. Thanks for sharing your idea.

(Mike Morley) #5

This would be very useful - perhaps something to consider for Bloom as well - especially if it were possible to toggle the display of a map layer..

(George Luft) #6

I agree. Doesn’t have to be geospatial, but any kind of axes or coordinate system. Perhaps even polar coordinates would work.

Just that it could be determined by some property of the node.

(Mike Morley) #7

That is a good point - then you could do layouts by metaphorical distance/location.. That could be quite useful for visualizing relationships between domains etc..