About the GeoSpatial category

Neo4j 3.0 introduced the spatial point and distance functions in Cypher. Since Neo4j 3.4, spatial points can be stored as properties, indexed in the schema index, and queried at high performance using both range (and bounding box) as well as distance searches directly within Cypher (and we added 3D too!).

However, since 2010 there has also been the community supported spatial plugin with a much richer GIS feature set, support for more complex geometries like polygons and an in-graph RTree index. In addition to this, there are a few other spatial plugins that can be used to enhance Neo4j's support for spatial data.

This category covers all these cases, both the built-in and the external libraries, as long as the question is about spatial or geospatial data and use cases, this is the place to ask.

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