Some APOC procedures are missing

I'm using the Desktop version 4.4.3 and after installing APOC,I've noticed that many procedures are not available (e.g is missing and also almost all the other date functions, except 2: '' and

I've searched for an answer in previous discussions and followed the proposed solution - editting the settings, tried several settings with no sucess,
my current setting looks like this:*,gds.

this should have set all apoc procedures to be available but didn't work,

when I execute 'call dbms.procedures' ,I see that 320 apoc procedures available.

Any idea what am I missing here?


Hello @Adiro :slight_smile:

How did you test the availability of the functions?
Are you using Neo4j Desktop?


Have you installed apoc libraries in your current
Mr. Sameer G

ok, I got your point,
it's my bad, I srearched for by using the statement

call dbms.procedures

but now I realized that it is a function and not a procedures, so I called:

call dbms.functions 

and found it there :) :smiley:

thanks for the leading questions!