Show nodes in real time in Neo4j Graph

(Papangelisang) #1


I have created a python script which imports real time data into Neo4j. Is there any way to see this data in real time? For example, can I have the graph opened and see the new nodes popping up when the data is imported?

Thank you very much in advance!


(Michael Hunger) #2

You either have to poll the graph.

Or you could use an tx-listener to make them visible, pushed to a visualization client.

You might be able to do that with an apoc trigger, that then calls another procedure e.g. to send the nodes to a client, e.g. Gephi (via apoc.gephi.add ).

(Papangelisang) #3

Thank you for your response!

How can I poll the graph? Is there any tool for that?

(Michael Hunger) #4

here is an example:

you also have to enable triggers in your config: apoc.trigger.enabled=true

CALL apoc.trigger.add('gephi',"UNWIND {createdNodes} AS n
OPTIONAL MATCH path = (n)--()
WITH collect(n) + collect(path) as paths
CALL apoc.gephi.add(null,'workspace1', paths) yield nodes return count(*)
", {phase:'before'})

(Papangelisang) #5

Thank you Michael!
Now I can see what you meant. Really helpful thanks!

(Karin Wolok) #6

Hi Angelos!
This is an interesting ask! We would love to learn more about your project if you're ever interested in sharing!
If you wanted to write a blog post about it, we can possibly publish it on our Neo4j Medium Blog.
I think the community there could possibly find it valuable and learn from it! :smile: