Setting up pre-configured Neo4j Certified by Bitnami AMI on EC2 instance

Hello everyone! I am re-posting my difficulties here for more visibility.

I have used "Neo4j Certified by Bitnami" AMI available on AWS Market Place (
and have simply launched a m4.large instance. I am able to ssh into the neo4j instance. What I want to do now is, setup my neo4j and start it. And then have my another ec2 instance be able to communicate with neo4j instance via Python Drivers. So in a nutshell, I want to have my python script create nodes and relationships and store them in NEO4J database. And if possible, I'd also like to host NEO4J on my browser. Please let me know what are the steps that I need to follow. I haven't attempted any port configurations or any other sorts of configurations. I am very new to all of this so I would appreciate if someone could lay down the steps in detail. Highly grateful for all the help. Thanks.

AMI: Neo4j Certified by Bitnami
Edition: Community Edition
NEO4J Version: 4.0.0