How to connect NEO4j to AMAZON EC2? Any advice would be appreciated!

Hello Community! Please Help!

My name is Petra and I am new to NEO4j community and enjoying the learning. Thank you for the resources through out the community. It's really helpful.

I've successfully loaded my test data as CSV to my GraphDB and connected my nodes with properties and relationships. It's really cool!

Now I need to setup NEO4j instance on AMAZON EC2. My teammate who is working with me needs my data I load on NEO4j to EC2 so he can start work on application side and etc. As of now we are just trying to connect and get initial set-up and it's been tough. I did notice there are some post's and links for this, however, I wanted to reach out to you guys and ask for,

  1. what would be my best approach/practice for this? I really need to dump/load my data into EC2.
  2. if there is a link that you guys would like to suggest??? that would be amazing.. Some of the links made me more confused and I did try but failed..
  3. Any advice? any tips or comments would be really appreciated!!

Also, I would love to connect via Linkedin as well. Thank you for your time and support. Have a great day!


Petra Lee

An AWS EC2 is acceptable solution. Neo4j also has their Aura cloud service. You could also host Neo4j on a computer under your desk. In the end just as long as your teammate can connect to it is all that matters.

Neo4j has a AMI available on the marketplace that is quick to launch and get running. It's a Linux image with Neo4j already installed. Just make sure you launch it with the correct security group network settings so your teammate can connect.

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Hi @plee

To load the data in EC2 instances, you can either

  1. ftp into EC2 instances directly.
  2. copy files to S3 bucket and then download the file from S3 into EC2.
  3. If this is a frequent process, create a cronjob in EC2 to file management process. i.e download, load and move the processed file to archive folder.

For any of the above process, suggest to use a proper file management process.

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What specific problems are you having in deploying neo4j to AWS on an EC2 instance? Is it a security/access problem?

You can treat an EC2 instance just like any other machine you install neo4j on. However with EC2 there is already an Amazon Machine Image with neo4j already installed so it's even easier to get going. Once you've launched it just point your browser to:


You will start with an untrusted SSL certificate, which can cause problems with browsers. You must configure your browser to trust the IP address on both port 7374 and 7687 (bolt). See (here)[Troubleshooting Connection Issues to Neo4j] for furrher details The username will be neo4j, and the password will be the instance ID.

Then if you want to do local data import, the import folder is:

Lastly if you want to connect on Linkedin:

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