Set initial starting index for consecutiveIds when running community detection

Dear Neo4J-community!
Is it possible to set a starting index for the ids when using consecutiveIds option when running community detection, such as WCC?

We are running the community detection frequently. During the community detection write operation we are still consuming the data from Neo4J. The community detection write operation takes around 30-60 minutes to finish. However, the community id / component id are being re-used between different writes. The means that during the write process, we can't fully trust the community id / component id since these ids can come from two different writes. This means that during the write process we could have two completely different communities being linked with the same community id / component id.


Write 1:
Node A: Community id 1
Node B: Community id 2
Node C: Community id 2

Write 2:
Node A: Community id 2
Node B: Community id 1
Node C: Community id 1

In this example, Node A could belong to the same community as Node B and Node C depending on when you are reading the data during the write operation.

A workaround to this would be to reset the community id before each write operation. However, it would be great if you could set the starting id for communities when using the consecutiveIds option. By allowing this, we could calculate the max community id from the previous run and just use the max value + 1 as the new starting community id. This would allow us to ensure that no communities would get mixed together during the write operation.

Is this possible today?
Thank you so much!

Neo4J version: 4.3.2
GDS version: 1.6.2

Best regards