Search through whole database

I was wondering how I can search for a search term through the whole database. Like through all properties and node and relationship names.

Suppose I have a database consisting of 2000 elements. And I am looking for the word 'Cat', independent on what type of element it is.

Is there a way I can find this?

thats going to be quite challenging.

But do you not have some domain knowledge such that for example one would not expect to see the word 'Cat' associated with a property that is a date or a float or a integer?

And then also, what if your data is such that a property represents an array as opposed to a single field.

if i understand correctly you want a single query which will traverse every node, every relationship, every property and if said element contains the word 'Cat' then return said element?

Would something like this work?

WITH toLower("cat") AS strSearch
MATCH (n)-[r]-(m)
  [x IN keys(n) WHERE toLower(n[x]) CONTAINS strSearch | n] AS propNodeMatch,
  [x IN keys(r) WHERE toLower(r[x]) CONTAINS strSearch | r] AS propRelMatch,
  [x IN labels(n) WHERE toLower(x) CONTAINS strSearch | n] AS labelNodeMatch,
  CASE toLower(type(r)) CONTAINS strSearch WHEN true THEN r END AS typeRelMatch
  propNodeMatch + labelNodeMatch AS MatchingNodes,
  propRelMatch+typeRelMatch AS MatchingRels

It would need some tweaking, and performance isn't optimized, but I think it gets close to what you're looking to do.

Dear @B-D-T , sorry for replying so late, something came up that I have to deal with first. I still didn't have the time to try out your solution, but I will in the near future and get back to you! Thank you for thinking along.

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