Saving the project , queries and rerunning

I am new to Neo4j platform - Desktop. I was able to import data and create some cypher queries. Can someone help me on this ?

  1. Where can I see my imported data in Neo4j ?
  2. How can I save the queries ,rerun it in my project and may be share my project to someone else to run in their system ?

You can see that in a explorer or bloom.
Many thanks and warm welcome
Sameer G.

I am trying to save the cypher query from the browser, it says 'network error has occurred'. How can I fix this or any alternative ?


One way to save the queries that I use.
capture history to a text file and then copy past as necessary.
issue command in the browser
and then use the save either as project file or export to text.


You can also try Graphlytic :