Saving code

(WingRider) #1

I understand Neo is a slightly different paradigm but something I dont understand as a new user is why code written isnt saved in to files. When I write a script/file that creates a graph and populates it, I want to save it as a file in a project as I would with any programming language.

There doesnt seem to be an facility to do that so assume its not the right way of doing things. Does anyone have a perspective on this?

(Stefan Armbruster) #2

Check out cypher-shell for this. Works on the command line and allows for processing files containing cypher commands, see

(WingRider) #3

Thanks Stefan. I dont think thats quite what I was looking for. I would have thought that running a series of queries would be best mapped in a file which could be saved in a project (as you would expect in any normal IDE). That doesnt seem to be the case with Neo though.

Why arent files grouped in to projects and files can be executed against a graph? Doesnt quite make sense that everything has to be typed and run on the fly. Im sure Im misunderstanding how its used in real development environments with teams working on graphs.

Thoughts appreciated.

(Stefan Armbruster) #4

you can save queries in browser (in local storages) to easily re-execute them.

If you want a file based approach cypher-shell is IMO the way to go.