Sandbox in Cypher Fundamentals online course

Hello, I am new to Neo4J. I am taking Cypher Fundamentals online training courses. The sandbox window that is part of the online training course browser to perform challenge exercises is not working. I am not sure how to activate it or connect to a server so that I can execute Cypher query commands to get credit for the challenge exercises. I am stuck. Can someone let me know what should I do to get the sandbox window in the online training courses working? Thanks a lot.

I have found it a little temperamental at times. You could try deleting the sandbox. You should have got an email with your sandox info. Anyway, as I understand it, a new sandbox will be created the next time you log back into the course. Maybe that will resolve it. It worked for me once.

Another thing to note, is there is a 'toggle sandbox' button at the bottom-right of the window to show/hide the sandbox. Try this incase it is a just a matter of showing it.

It is the left button in the screenshot. It will expand to a button that shows 'Toggle Sandbox" when you hover over it.

Thanks, @glilienfield. I will try it.

I have the same problem.

Even if I insert the username and the password of the sandbox (at the first page of the Cypher Fundamentals Course) the server doesn't start, and fails.

What I'm doing wrong?

thank you