Retired software engineer, amateur mathematician, Philadelphia, Pa., USA


I'm a retired software engineer with a background in mathematics, specifically geometry and topology.

I'm studying AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning.

I learned about neo4j from Daniel Himmelstein, on the cognoma project, where I also met Karin Wolok, and many other Philadelphia friends.

I'm now studying graph theory from a wonderful book [Preview](http://Reinhard Diestel’s Graph Theory, free online preview)

and starting a deeper dive into neo4j with the _ Introduction to Neo4j_ online course


Welcome George,

hope you're having a lot of fun learning and applying these things. Esp. with your background I can imagine that there are many overlaps and insights to be gained. I guess also graph algorithms and applying graph features to ML would be interesting to you.


Hi George!!!!! :heart:

Hi Karin!

Happy to hear from you.

Don’t see you as much in person, now that you’ve hit the big time.

Saw you introduce Euler last week on his birthday. Lots of fun at PhillyGraphDB

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I'm traveling a lot. :exploding_head:
I'm back at Indy Hall next week if you're around! :)

I'll be at Linode for TechWeek kickoff, I could stop by Indy Hall.