Retired software engineer, amateur mathematician, Philadelphia, Pa., USA

(George Zipperlen) #1


I'm a retired software engineer with a background in mathematics, specifically geometry and topology.

I'm studying AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning.

I learned about neo4j from Daniel Himmelstein, on the cognoma project, where I also met Karin Wolok, and many other Philadelphia friends.

I'm now studying graph theory from a wonderful book [](http://Reinhard Diestel’s Graph Theory, free online preview)

and starting a deeper dive into neo4j with the _ Introduction to Neo4j_ online course

(Michael Hunger) #2

Welcome George,

hope you're having a lot of fun learning and applying these things. Esp. with your background I can imagine that there are many overlaps and insights to be gained. I guess also graph algorithms and applying graph features to ML would be interesting to you.