Elan Moritz -hi, am neo4j newbie 😎

HI, Elan Moritz here. live in Philly (Philadelphia). Am getting acquainted with Neo4j, and graph database techniques in general. I am interested in exploring the intersection of graph techniques with AI, and in particular as applied to scientific discovery. I come from an applied physics background. I have a modest website at http://archsix.com, and a separate blog (https://archsix2017.wordpress.com), where I scribble some notes about things that capture my interest. :sunglasses: Right now, am exploring what I might be able to do with neo4j as applied to medical / biomedical research. Cheers, Elan

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Welcome to the community Elan !

Heyyyy! I know you! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Indeed, Thank you Karin ...
Am taking the plunge ... actually, a deep dive! :-) Just finished reading the recent Graph Algorithms book ... great stuff.

Am looking forward to deeper understanding and participating on the Neo4j online community.