Restore copied database

In the instructions for copying a database (Copy a database store - Operations Manual) there is no mention that the CREATE DATABASE copy command is Enterprise-only.

At this point, trying to connect to the database gives us an error:

Database 'XXXXX' is unavailable.

So, we have a situation where, in the process of copying and restoring the (neo4j v4.0.5) database the original data source was lost. Currently we have a folder with all the files associated with the database, but cannot connect to it. Is there a way to restore our connection to the database?


So you have the complete source database folder? Have you tried pointing to it inside your neo4j.conf file?      (with 'databases', 'dbms', 'transactions' folders inside)
dbms.default_database=yourdbname     (the name of your database inside the 'databases' folder)

Yes, this is all set. When I open either cypher-shell or the browser I am unable to connect. It simply says the database is unavailable. The files are all present, the neo4j.conf has not changed. It seems that the only step I can't do is the CREATE DATABASE step since it is (apparently?) an Enterprise feature.

Does this mean I've lost my data? Are there logs I can check to see what's going on?

My systemctl status neo4j call does give me the warning:

Unsupported authentication token, missing key principal`` but I think this is because I'm not actually connecting to the database I want to connect to.

Thanks :)

So, just to update, running:

sudo apt remove neo4j
and then
sudo apt install neo4j

restored my database.