Rendering graph visually with Flask

Hello guys!

I'm really newbie with Neo4j and I'm trying to see if what I'm trying to do is possible:

I want to create an app which renders certain queries to the Neo4j db in a visual way, as it is done in the web browser on port :7474.

I saw the tutorial where the render() function is used from the Neovis.js library (I'm really new to js aswell), but searching throw the function's source I saw that it performs a query directly from the client to the Neo4j server (seen here on line 220 and here is the source ) .

This is something I want to avoid, because I don't want to let any freedom to the client to modify any queries, I just want them to select the results they want and my backend will provide them the data.

I'm thinking of a framework to develop the app, and I thought I could be able to modify the source code of Neovis.js and create a node.js backend to feed javascript data directly to the render function, instead of letting it perform the queries on its own.

My other option (and the one I would prefer to do as I'm new to node) is to use Flask, and the question comes here, is there any way to feed data from Flask to my frontend so it can visually render the data?

I'm really flexible with my options, anything from what I've thought of could be changed, there's only one limitation and it's the fact that the data has to be provided by the backend as I can't let the client to perform queries on his own as he could modify them.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

You can just send JSON representing nodes and rels to the front-end and render that there.

See our viz series for some pointers: