How do I render graphical components like in the Neo4j Cipher Editor in a web browser?


I'm a student that just got started with Neo4j this week. Today I read through the blogs, ran some simple introductory scripts, and I've think I've got a solid good beginner's grasp of how all this works.

What I wanted to ask that I was actually making a project, a kind of social media, and I wanted to show a graph that showed similar interests and friend connections in a navigable manner.

How do I incorporate this into a web view? Any guides and relevant links would mean you would save me hours of stumbling and researching. Would be extremely thankful to you!

I kind of view that I would like is like the below. A graph view, sorts of, like in the code cell included in the image.

Again, thank you!

I actually found the repo for the neo4j-browser. It's just a React / Redux web application to handle the queries and so forth.
Here is the link to the package.json, I'll try to find which package exactly is responsible for the graphical view, and let you guys know.

Ah, It was D3JS. Makes quite a lot of sense. Thanks, guys!