RDF describe empty, cypher also


I'm new to neo4j and neosemantics. I'm trying to export a graph database to RDF using neosemantics. This database has not been imported using RDF.
When doing a describe on an node (using the identifier) the output is empty. Also when using CYPHER and trying to export from a MATCH the output is empty (the MATCH works).

I don't seem to be the only one : RDF describe is always empty · Issue #198 · neo4j-labs/neosemantics · GitHub

Can you help me ?


Hi @yann can you share a bit more about your case so we can try to reproduce?

You say the graph is not the result of importing RDF anything else?
Versions of Neo4j and n10s, maybe a small subset of the data and a script to create the graph?

What I've seen in the past is that people create a GraphConfig and that's not needed. Actually that could well be the problem because that would indicate the exporter that the graph is RDF which is not the case.

This is just a possibility but if it's not your case please let us know how to reproduce your scenario.



I dropped the GraphConfig and it works. Thanks a lot !

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