Rapid data ingest : 1 min intervals

(Werner) #1

Good day [ Insert name here ],

I am looking for an effective way of bulk loading data into neo4j in 1 min intervals (so far I am just loading in from csv's but not sure how to set up a 1 min ingest trigger , should I use a python script)

  • neo4j version, desktop version, browser version : latest
  • a sample of the data you want to import : sensitive

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(M. David Allen) #2

Have a look at apoc.periodic.schedule which lets you submit a certain cypher job at regular intervals (in your case every 1 minute)


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(Werner) #3

CALL dbms.procedures() shows that apoc.periodic.schedule is not present in the latest version of APOC is this still under development, or am I missing something?

(Werner) #4

Apoc version :

(Michael Hunger) #6

It's called apoc.periodic.repeat

see call apoc.help("periodic")

Not sure, where schedule went, we'll fix the docs, sorry for that.

(Werner) #7

Thanks for this will definitely consider it in the future, are decided to rather push the data to Neo4j in 4 min intervals