Importing data after 40 million nodes is very slow by apoc

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merge (i:ALL {iri:value.iri}) set,i.has_modified=value.has_modified,i.has_created=value.has_created,i.has_published=value.has_published,i.has_description_zh=value.has_description_zh,i.has_description_en=value.has_description_en,i.has_external_references=value.has_external_references,i.has_id=value.has_id,i.has_version=value.has_version,i.has_name_en=value.has_name_en,i.has_type=value.has_type,i.has_endTime=value.has_endTime,i.has_lastUpdateTime=value.has_lastUpdateTime,i.has_hashes=value.has_hashes,i.has_relationship_type_en=value.has_relationship_type_en,i.has_ref_externalID=value.has_ref_externalID*********************************
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What indexes or unique constraints are present in your graph relevant to this query?

I used b-tree index by default
Cypher : CREATE INDEX ON :ALL(iri)

Good. Now what APOC call are you using? So far we've only seen use of MERGE.

APOC call

call apoc.periodic.iterate("call apoc.load.json('mydir/*********-10w-11.json') yield value return value","merge (i:ALL {iri:value.iri}) set,i.has_modified=value.has_modified,i.has_created=value.has_created, i.has_published=value.has_published***********************",{batchSize:10000,iterateList:true,parallel:true,concurrency:64})

BTW : IT is fast before import 40 million nodos,almost 30000/s speed

Have you tried using the neo4j-admin import tool? It's recommended for datasets over 10M. It's a command line tool found in the bin directory. Link to Manual, scroll to the botton

bin/neo4j-admin import --id-type=STRING \
                       --nodes:Customer=customers.csv --nodes=products.csv  \
                       --nodes="orders_header.csv,orders1.csv,orders2.csv" \
                       --relationships:CONTAINS=order_details.csv \

The neo4j-admin import fetrue just use for Used initialization of databases (empty database - graph.db),we need update data online,so we use apoc funtions to import .thx your advice